How to Cancel ACT Fibernet Connection?

Are you not satisfied with your ACT Fibernet connection and want to cancel it and switch to another network? If you no longer wish to opt for a service, it is better to cancel it than pay the unwanted bills and increase your credit card bill. 

But isn’t it a lengthy and time-consuming process to cancel the ACT Fibernet connection? No, not at all; it is pretty easy to cancel your ongoing subscription to ACT. Let’s complete the step-by-step process to cancel the ACT Fibernet connection.

Steps to Cancel ACT Fibernet Connection

It is easy to cancel ACT Fibernet Connection. However, before you go on with canceling your subscription, here are a few things that you must ensure-

  • Ensure there are no pending bills. Ensure you have paid the bill to the current date before canceling the connection; otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for the cancellation.
  • If you are using a router owned by ACT, you must submit the router back to the ACT. Ensure the router is not damaged or faulty; otherwise, you must pay the penalty.
  • You will not get a refund for the partial months left for your subscription unless you cancel the subscription for some issues.
  • You must cancel the connection a few days, 1-2 weeks before your link expires. Otherwise, the bill will be generated, and you must pay it before you cancel the connection. 

Once you have taken care of the things mentioned above, you can follow the steps given below to cancel your ACT Fibernet Connection-

Contact ACT Customer Support

To cancel the ACT Fibernet connection, you must contact ACT Customer Support. There are various ways to contact ACT customer support-

You can contact ACT customer support to cancel your subscription. You can contact customer support any day of the week between 7:30 AM to 12:00 AM. 

When you contact the customer support team, tell them what issues you have been facing with your cancellation and why you want it to be canceled. Be specific with the problem you have been meeting to cancel the subscription. 

Sometimes, ACT might try to solve the issue to prevent you from canceling the subscription. If you think the problem can be solved, ask them to resolve it. If you are firm with your decision to cancel the subscription, tell them you want to cancel it. 

Return the Router

If you have a router or any device from the ACT, you must return it. You will have to visit your nearby ACT office after you have made your cancellation request and return the router to them. If you don’t have an ACT office nearby, mail them the router. Ensure the router is not damaged; otherwise, you must pay a penalty. 

Wait for Their Mail

Once you have applied for the cancellation, you will have to wait for the mail from the ACT for the confirmation of the cancellation of your Fibernet connection.

You will get the confirmation mail after your request has been processed, all your bills have been cleared, and the router (if you were given one) has been received by the company.

This might take 3-5 working days. So, wait for the mail from the ACT. Your connection will be canceled once you get the mail from the ACT. 

You may not get a refund for the remaining months of your subscription plan. ACT only gives a refund to customers canceling the subscription due to the technical issues they are facing with the fiber.

When you contact ACT customer support or mail them, you must attach proof of the inconvenience you have faced. 

If you are facing genuine issues for which you canceled the subscription, you will get a refund. The refund should arrive within one month after the cancellation of the ACT Fibernet subscription. 

To Conclude…

This is how you can cancel your ACT Fibernet connection. If you don’t want to cancel the subscription but want to pause or temporarily suspend it for some time, then you can contact the ACT for safe custody.

Safe custody will temporarily pause your service, and you won’t have to pay for the period. You can continue with the connection service later when you want to. Do note that you can get safe custody for at least one month and a maximum of three months. 

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