How to Delete CooMeet Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Coomeet is a video chat platform that connects individuals with others around the globe for live video conversations. This service is often used for socializing and making new friends with its easy-to-use interface and real-time interaction capabilities. Over time, some users may decide to delete their Coomeet account due to various reasons, such as privacy concerns, lack of use, or the desire to discontinue the service.


Deleting a Coomeet account involves a process that is straightforward but requires attention to detail to ensure the account and its associated data are fully removed. Users must navigate the platform’s settings and follow the required steps to ensure their account is permanently deleted. This protects users’ privacy and personal information, which is especially critical in today’s digital age where data security is of utmost importance.

It is important for users to know that once their Coomeet account is deleted, they will lose access to their profile, friends’ list, and any remaining credits or subscriptions affiliated with their account. The decision to delete an account is permanent and cannot be reversed. This requires careful consideration before proceeding with the account deletion process.

Understanding the Coomeet Service

Before exploring how to delete a Coomeet account, it’s essential to understand what Coomeet is and the features it offers. Coomeet is a platform with distinct functionalities tailored for users seeking new connections through video chat.

What is Coomeet?

Coomeet is an online platform that connects users through a video chat interface designed for quick and seamless interaction. It primarily markets itself as a way to meet women across the world via random video chat sessions. The website offers an easy-to-navigate user interface, aiming to provide an enjoyable Coomeet experience with the click of a button.

Reviewing Coomeet’s Features

The platform’s main feature is the random video chat capability. Users can start conversations with strangers, which is the core of the service. Coomeet also provides the following:

  • Video Chat Quality: High-definition video connections.
  • Gender Filters: Users may filter connections by gender.
  • Geographical Filters: Option to connect with users from specific countries.
  • Ease of Use: Simple user interface that requires minimal effort to navigate.

For those seeking enhanced usability and additional features, Coomeet offers a premium account which includes benefits like:

  • No Advertisement: An ad-free experience for uninterrupted conversation.
  • Private Video Chat: More control over privacy settings.
  • Priority Support: Expedited customer support for any issues.

These features are designed to augment the Coomeet experience for users who opt for the paid service.

Steps to Delete Your Coomeet Account

When a user decides to delete their Coomeet account, it’s important they follow the correct steps for their specific device to ensure the account is permanently removed.

Preparing to Delete

Before initiating the deletion process, the user must log into their Coomeet account with their email address to access the account settings. They need to verify that they have no active subscriptions that could cause future billing issues after the account deletion.

Delete Coomeet from Android

On an Android device, one needs to open the Coomeet app and navigate to the settings menu. From there, the user should:

  1. Tap Account Settings.
  2. Select Delete Account.
  3. Follow the interface prompts to confirm the account deletion.

Delete Coomeet from iPhone

For a user on an iPhone, the steps are similar to Android but within the iOS environment:

  1. Launch Coomeet app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Choose Delete Account and confirm when prompted.

Delete Coomeet from PC or Mac

Users with a PC or a Mac computer should first go to Coomeet’s official website and log in. Once logged in:

  1. Click on the profile icon to access Account Settings.
  2. Locate and select the option to Delete Account.
  3. Confirm the deletion request as per the on-screen instructions.

Handling Subscriptions and Billing

Effective management of Coomeet subscriptions and billing involves the cancellation of subscriptions, management of automatic payments, and understanding the procedure for refund requests.

Cancelling Subscriptions

Users can cancel their Coomeet subscription at any point. They need to navigate to the account settings and select the subscription they wish to end. For subscriptions made through Gartwell Ltd on the Coomeet platform, the process can be completed there. If the subscription was purchased through the Google Play Store or the App Store, users must cancel it directly within the respective store.

  • Google Play Store:
    1. Go to the Play Store.
    2. Tap ‘Menu’ > ‘Subscriptions’.
    3. Find and select the Coomeet subscription.
    4. Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  • App Store:
    1. Open the App Store.
    2. Click on the user profile.
    3. Tap ‘Subscriptions’.
    4. Choose the Coomeet subscription.
    5. Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Managing Automatic Payments

Automatic payments for Coomeet subscriptions must be managed carefully to avoid unexpected charges after the free trial or the subscription period. Users can manage their automatic payments through the payment method provided, such as debit card, PayPal, or via the mobile app payment systems.

  • PayPal:
    1. Log in to PayPal.
    2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Payments’.
    3. Click ‘Manage Automatic Payments’.
    4. Select the Coomeet subscription to review the details.
    5. Click ‘Cancel’ to stop the automatic payments.

Requesting a Refund

A user may request a refund from Coomeet if they believe they qualify. To request a refund, the user must get in touch with Gartwell Ltd’s customer service. The user should provide all relevant transaction information and clearly state their case for a refund. It’s important to note that refunds are subject to the terms of service and may require an explanation of the reason for the request.

  • Refund Request Process:
    1. Contact Gartwell Ltd customer service.
    2. Supply your transaction details.
    3. Provide a clear reason for the refund request.
    4. Wait for a response on the eligibility of the refund.

After Deleting Your Account


Once an individual has completed the Coomeet account deletion process, there are certain aspects they should be aware of to ensure the termination is handled correctly.

Understanding the Cancellation Process

An individual’s journey through the cancellation process involves adhering to the Terms of Service and understanding the implications set forth by the Privacy Policy. Upon account deletion, one must understand that:

  • All personal data provided to Coomeet will be handled in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
  • The cancellation will be immediate, and users will lose access to their accounts and any associated services.

Customer Support and Service

If a user encounters issues or has complaints following the deletion of their Coomeet account, they should contact Customer Support. The support team is responsible for:

  • Addressing any post-cancellation concerns.
  • Ensuring a smooth service termination experience.

End-users can expect a straightforward process when engaging with customer service, with a focus on clarity and efficiency.

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