How to Fix Converge LOS Blinking Red Issue?

Unable to use your internet on the Converge router? Internet issues are common when using a router, and you can face them frequently.

Most of the time, the internet issues are accompanied by the LOS light blinking red on the router.

If you notice the Converge LOS blinking red, your Converge router cannot receive a signal, and you might face internet issues.

This issue is encountered when your fiber optic cable is damaged, there’s some issue with the router, you have a pending internet bill, or there’s an internet outage in your area. 

It can be frustrating to face the Converge LOS blinking red issue, but can something be done about it?

Converge LOS light blinking red
Converge LOS light blinking red

Well, yes, there is; this article lists all the ways to help you fix the Converge LOS blinking red issue.

1. Wait for Sometime

In most cases, the issue is caused by scheduled maintenance or a network outage in your area. It would be best if you wait for some time and then go ahead with the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. 

If your ISP is already working on it, it might take a few minutes (sometimes a few hours) to resolve the issue.

2. Restart Your Router

The issue can also be encountered due to bugs and technical glitches on the router. A simple restart would solve this issue. Restarting your router clears out all the bugs on your router and fixes the issue.

Turn off your router and unplug all the cables connected to it. Wait a few seconds, then connect all the cables back to the router. Turn on the router and see if you still face the issue. 

3. Ensure the Fiber Cable is Not Damaged

The LOS red light issue can be encountered if the optic fiber cable is damaged. Check for the damage on the optic fiber cable and the connector through which it is connected to the router. If the cable is damaged, you must replace it with a new one; you can contact your ISP

In case the connector is damaged, then contact your router’s manufacturer to repair the router. If the router was provided to you by your ISP, then you will have to contact your ISP in that case. 

4. Check for Loose Connections

Not only the damaged cable can cause this issue, but a loose connection may also cause it. Check whether the optic fiber cable is properly connected to your router. Try unplugging the cable from the router and then connecting it to the router again. 

If this still doesn’t solve the issue, we suggest you clean the port as well as the tip of the cable. Grab a clean cloth and clean the tip of the optic fiber cable.

For the port, use a cotton swab to clean the dirt. Once done, connect the cable to the router and see if the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is still unresolved, you should move to the next step in this article. 

5. Ensure Your Bill is Paid

If your bill is unpaid, then your ISP may cut off your internet connection temporarily until you pay your internet bill.

Due to this, you may encounter the Converge LOS blinking red issue for the time being. In that case, paying your bill is the only way to fix this issue.

Once you pay your bill, your ISP will restore your internet service, and you will no longer face this issue.

However, it may take some time for the internet service to be completely restored once you pay your bill, so you must wait for some time. 

6. Contact Converge Customer Support

If you have tried all of the methods we have mentioned above, but you still see the Converge LOS blinking red, then the issue can be at your Converge’s end.

It can be due to ongoing scheduled maintenance or a network outage in your area. 

You will have to contact Converge customer support to get information on what’s going on with your network and why your LOS is blinking red.

If the issue is due to scheduled maintenance, then your ISP will tell you to wait for some time, and the issue will get resolved on its own. 

If something is wrong with your connection, Converge will troubleshoot it, and you should be able to use your internet without any issues.

If something is wrong with your router, Converge will repair or replace it with a new one.

You can contact the support team through the Converge Customer Support Page. Ensure you contact them about everything in detail to help them guide you about the fixes. 

If the Converge LOS blinking red issue troubles you, the above steps should help you fix the issue. Ensure you follow all the above steps carefully, and the issue will be resolved. 

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