How to Fix Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green

Is your Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green? Just like other issues, this is a common issue to be faced with Virgin Media Hub 3, which is often accompanied by internet connectivity issues.

You must not mistake the power light with the Wi-Fi (or internet) light. When the Wi-Fi (or internet) light flashes green, your router works fine without proper internet connectivity. 

However, if you see the Virgin Media Hub 3 power light flashing, it means there is some issue with your internet connectivity. Let’s discuss all the reasons that might cause this issue with the Virgin Media Hub and all the troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix this issue. 

What Causes Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green Issue?

Whenever some internet connectivity issue is encountered by the Virgin Media Hub 3, you will see a power light flashing in green color. But what is the cause of this issue? Some of the major causes of this issue are-

  • The cable loosely connected to the router
  • Cable or router damage
  • Issue with router’s power supply
  • Issues at ISP’s end
  • Power supply issue with router

Fix Virgin Media Hub 3 Power Light Flashing Green Issue

Virgin Hub 3 red light
Virgin Hub 3 red light

Are you unable to use the internet with your Virgin Media Hub 3, and its power light keeps flashing green? If you are troubled by this issue, then you must follow the steps mentioned below to solve it-

1. Wait for Some Time

In general case, this is a temporary issue that you might encounter with Virgin Media Hub 3. If you are not in the middle of something urgent or do not require internet currently, you can wait for some time.

The issue can be caused due to ongoing firmware update of the router. Virgin Media often releases firmware updates, which may be scheduled to install while using a router.

There is nothing to be worried about; wait for some time, and the issue will be resolved on its own. 

2. Reboot Virgin Media Hub 3

Before you move on with other steps, try rebooting your router. In most cases, a simple reboot should fix the issue. Here’s how you can reboot your Virgin Media Hub 3 router-

  • Locate the power switch on your router and press it to turn it off. 
  • Wait a few seconds, then press the power button again to turn your router on. 
  • Once done, see if the if the issue is resolved or not. 

3. Check the Power Supply

If you have been facing the Virgin Media Hub 3 power light flashing green issue, you must check the device’s power supply.

Check whether the power cable is properly connected to the router and the power source is not faulty. You can try changing the power socket and connect the Hub to a different power socket. 

4. Check for Loose Cables

Another reason that might cause this issue is the loose cables. Ensure that all the cables connected to the router are properly connected.

To avoid loose connections, you can disconnect the cables from the router and connect them back properly. Ensure the cable fits perfectly into the ports, and then check whether the issue is still encountered. 

5. Ensure the Cables are Not Damaged

The internet can be interrupted if the cables connected to the router are damaged. Check for the damaged cables; you must check for the bends, scratches, or any signs of damage on the cable. If the cable is damaged, then you will have to replace it. 

6. Ensure There is No Server Outage

If there’s a server outage at your ISP’s end, then that can cause this issue. You must check for the server outage of the Virgin Media.

There are two ways to check for a Server outage; you can do it from the Virgin Media Service Status Page or through third-party server checkers like Downdetector

They will report the server outage if there’s any. You will also see if other users reported issues with the Virgin Media Server in the past 24 hours.

If there are any server outages, you must wait for the server issues to be resolved. If no server outages are reported, then you should move to the next step in this article. 

7. Factory Reset Router

You may encounter the Virgin Media Hub 3 Power light flashing green issue if the router is stuck on update. You can wait some time for the update to complete, but if the router cannot complete the update, you will have to factory reset the router to overcome the issue.

You can factory reset the router by following the steps given below-

  • First, ensure that your router is turned on. 
  • Look for the Reset pinhole on the router.
  • Insert the pin in the pinhole and hold the reset button inside the pinhole for 10-15 seconds to reset the router. 
  • Once the reset is completed, you should no longer face the issue. 

8. Contact Virgin Media Customer Support

Lastly, if nothing helps, you are left with no option but to contact Virgin Media’s Customer Support concerning the problem. Get in touch with the customer support team of Virgin Media and tell them about the issue you have been facing.

Ensure you tell them the specifics of the issue, such as when you started facing it, what fixes you have tried, etc. Their customer support executive will guide you with what you can do next to solve the issue, and if the router needs to be replaced, it will be done from their end. 

Bottom Line

Still facing the Virgin Media Hub 3 power light flashing green issue? You should no longer face the issue with the Virgin Media Hub 3 after following the above steps.

In case you still face some issues or face problems with the steps mentioned above, then you can let us know through the comment section below. 

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