Internet Goes Out Every Night at the Same Time: How to Fix it?

The nighttime is when all the gamers and streamers come out to play. This is when nobody wants to get stuck with a poor internet connection.

If you have been facing issues with your internet during the night and encounter that your internet goes out every night at the same time, then it is something to be worried about. Let’s discuss why you may face this issue and how you can fix it. 

Why the Internet Goes Out Every Night at the Same Time?

If you face issues with the internet at the same time every night, then it is because there’s some issue at your ISP’s end. It can happen if your ISP faces issues at their end every night.

Many ISPs restart the network connection during the night to keep the system stable. You might also face this issue if your network connection experiences huge traffic at night. 

How do I Fix the Internet Going Out Every Night at the Same Time?

If you are troubled by this issue with your internet, then the steps given below are going to guide you on how you can fix it:

  • Restart your Router

Your router becomes hot if you have been continuously using it. You must restart your router every few hours to cool down your router. After the restart, your router must work without any issues, and your internet will be stable. 

  • Disconnect All Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi

If multiple devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, and you are not using the internet, they may overload your router. This may cause internet issues like frequent disconnection, slow internet connectivity, and even internet loss.

If you have multiple devices connected to your router and are not using them, we suggest you disconnect all of them. Connect only those devices you are currently using to minimize the load on the router. 

  • Place Your Router in Some Other Location

Night time is the peak time when most users use the internet. Due to heavy internet traffic, you may encounter your internet going out every night at the same time.

To overcome this, you must place your router in close proximity to your device to avoid uninterrupted connectivity. You can also use a LAN cable if you are connecting your router to your PC or any other device that supports ethernet cable. 

  • Switch to 5Ghz Band

Most routers come with dual-band support, i.e., 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. While all the devices support a 2.4 GHz network band, 5 GHz is the new normal.

Most of the modern-day devices have support for the 5Ghz band. You can switch to the 5Ghz band on your router and then connect your device to it. 5Ghz band ensures stable internet even over Wi-Fi. This is recommended if you are not using a device with ethernet support. 

  • Renew Your IP Address

The most common reason behind this issue is the expired lease. Most internet connections have a 24-hour default lease time, and you will face this issue when your lease expires.

You can renew your IP address to fix this issue. Here’s how you can do it-

  1. Launch Command Prompt or Terminal on your device. 
  2. Now, type and execute the following commands one by one-
    1. ipconfig /release
    2. ipconfig /renew
    3. ipconfig /flushdns
  3. Once done, you will no longer face this issue. 
  • Upgrade your plan

In most areas, Internet connection is at its peak during night time. Because of this, you may face internet issues at night. You must upgrade your internet plan and get a plan with better speed.

This will keep up with your internet requirement if you require fast-speed internet. 

  • Contact your ISP

If you are already on a high-speed plan and have done all the above things, but your internet still goes out every night at the same time, then you must confront your ISP about the issue.

Contact your ISP and ask them to resolve the issue. This issue is generally encountered because of issues at your ISP’s end. If you frequently face this issue at the same time, then ask your ISP to fix the issue. 

  • Switch to a Different ISP

If you have contacted your ISP regarding the issue and they cannot solve it, then there’s no point staying a loyal subscriber to them. If your internet troubles you a lot, then this is a green flag that you need to switch your ISP right now.

Look out for all the ISPs providing internet services in your area. Before switching to another ISP, get reviews of all the ISPs you are looking to go for. This should help you know which ISP has better service so you don’t waste your money like you are doing on your current one. 


This is the end of this guide. If your internet goes out every night at the same time, this is generally the issue because of your ISP and not something at your end.

This article should guide you on how you can fix frequent internet disconnections every night at the same time. 

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